Paris is well known as one of the world's top destinations for cuisine, art, and culture. AS THE HOme of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and over 75 michelin star restaurants, Quality of life is one thing that is never lacking in the city of lights...

Not only is paris a great place to live, but it also has a vibrant economy, a growing tech ecosystem, and an entrepreneurial community that is among the best in europe and the world...

Paris is...

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  • Innovation and intellectual capital worldwide by PWC

  • Business conventions and trade showS

Paris has...

  • A GDP of $712 billion in 2014, making it the world's 19th largest economy if it were its own country

  • 5 of Europe's top 15 business schools

  • 17 universities and 53 Grandes écoles

  • 360,000 students

  • Engineering talent that costs 50% less than Silicon Valley

Many US and international companies have offices, research centers, and labs in Paris, including Facebook's AI Research lab and Samsung's innovation center



The Paris Region has the highest concentration of Fortune Global 500 companies in Europe

Fortune Global 500 Companies (2014)


Paris is home to over 45 incubators, focusing on sectors ranging from Tourism-tech to media to life sciences, and everything in between

In France, it takes 7 days to Start a company, compared to an average of 22 days in the other G20 countries

Days to start a company

* For more information and sources, please see the Paris&Co website and download the full report here...